Valentine's Day Fashion Story

The clothes we wear often remind us of the times we’ve worn them, different eras and aspects of our personalities, as well as who we were and who we wished to be. At times I feel as though our clothes take in these times and in doing so gain new meaning and sentiments. I can easily remember what I wore and how I felt during all sorts of occasions, like important presentations, parties, dates, holidays, firsts, interviews, work and so many more. To me, outfits are loaded with meaning and are inseparably tied with those times we experienced together.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I think it’s easy to get lost in the fantasy we’re often sold and yes, Valentine’s Day is without a doubt a marketing festival. I’m sure many others like me (guilty as charged) eat up perfect love stories and fantasize of perfect dates, forgetting that on the path to love lie many hardships. Heartbreaks, crises, mistakes, constant cooperative maintenance of a healthy relationship which includes acceptance and understanding of each other. I will emphatically state that I’ll be the first to celebrate our achievements and successes, I think celebrating things as beautiful as friendship, romance, and love is wonderful. What I don’t want is to let it happen at the cost of deluding ourselves into believing in “The One” or perfection because love comes in many shapes and forms and relationships of all kinds take work. Not always easy work. Sometimes you go through crises and you get burned a lot until you find a relationship worth the work. I wish everyone a happy and sparkly Valentine’s Day!
I’ve taken the opportunity to reminisce, through outfits, about the different Sapirs of the past and the various stories that led me to the present and made me the Sapir I am today.
Now I want to hear from you! Tell me all about those outfits that can’t be separated from when they were worn.
I would love to know if and how you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
And in general, how are you these days? As always, I would love to hear from you about everything!.