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Hey everyone, my name is Sapir Ashkenazi. I have an MA from Tel Aviv University in Design for Stage, Cinema and Television. I'm an artist and a lover of fashion.
I was born on a spring Thursday in the year 1996 in the wonderful city of Tel Aviv.
I started SapStyle as a blog in 2013, at a time when I was looking for a place to create, to organize my thoughts and ideas, and to write.
Nowadays Sapstyle is a serious passion project of mine and the place where I share what's going on in my life, things I love, things that interest me, and more!
I hope you enjoy checking it out!
And if you're interested I'd love for you to hop on over to my YouTube channel for more.

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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Today I’m going to share with you gift ideas for this time of year, and in general for any occasion and celebration. I arrange the Guide by categories of: activities, fashion, traditional gifts, gifts for him, and novelty. Hope this inspires you and that you’ll enjoy scrolling through my ideas for gifts.

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A Shawl Through The Decades

Hello friends, those of you who’ve seen my YouTube video “Hamezion Second Hand Clothing Haul & Why I Love the Shop”may remember the idea I had of showing how I style the same shawl three different ways, inspired by three different decades. I’m always excited to create fashion content and especially different styling inspiration videos. 

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10 - Habits I Wouldn’t Wish On Anyone

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good week! I’m afraid the situation isn’t great here in Israel, anyone familiar with life in here knows the unfortunate realities of security, alarms, running to shelter and sending out “are you okay?” texts. Today’s post is also for those who live here and know these aspects of life but it’s mostly for those who don’t, friends from around the world who would like to understand what’s going on and how our lives look during wartime.

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