A Shawl Through The Decades

Hello friends, those of you who’ve seen my YouTube video “Hamezion Second Hand Clothing Haul & Why I Love the Shop” may remember the idea I had of showing how I style the same shawl three different ways, inspired by three different decades. I’m always excited to create fashion content and especially different styling inspiration videos. This time the idea came out of the associations that popped up when I took a good look at the shawl I had bought. It’s hand-knit out of “nude”-coloured thread, it’s got glittery golden beads, it’s very open, and anything worn underneath can be seen clearly. I hope you enjoy the video and get inspired yourself for similar items in your closet! In order to make it easier to understand what I mean when I talk about specific styles and eras I’ve made a simple graphic that showcases examples of design from the era by which the styling was inspired. If you’re still not subscribed to me on YouTube this is an excellent opportunity to run over to my channel, subscribe and press the bell icon to activate notifications and never miss anything I upload. We’ll start with roaring 20s inspired styling.

The Roaring 20s

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The 20s are generally characterised with a rebellious and modern fashion. Women wore pants and dresses that only reached down to the knee – which at the time was considered short. “Roaring Twenties” fashion included a lot of embroideries, decorative bags and whimsical, creative clutches, stone and beadwork, and loads of accessories like hair ribbons, hairpins, scarves, furs, and shawls. I completed the look with a long pink dress, flat, leather oxford shoes, crystal & pearl earrings, some gold bands and of course, star of the evening, the nude coloured shawl, which features hundreds of beads and was hand-made.

The 70s Glam Rock

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70s fashion has many different branches, hippy, DIY, glam, western, and too many more to list them all…in the photos you can see I was mostly inspired by 70s glam rock. I couldn’t omit bell bottoms, an absolute icon of the time (and my favourite Jean shape), a shirt embroidered with beads in a butterfly inspired shape and butterfly sleeves, suede and wooden platform shoes, and finally jewellery. I piled on several necklaces of varying lengths, as well as hoop earrings, gold bands, and rings. You can see how the shawl helps to create a butterfly shape and with the shirt there’s a more contrast-y look of layers, something more rough and dirty than the previous outfit where the shawl blended with the dress and created a cleaner, holistic look.


This is the fashion I grew up on, what seemed to me as a child the most fashionable, the coolest, the best! The era is rife with paillettes, beads, glitter, rhinestone, crop tops, body chains, low cut pants and skirts, patterns, layers, and of course fantasy. Many designers were inspired by fairies and butterflies and yes the color “nude” was very popular! Celebrities like Shakira, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefany, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsey Lohan are some of the fashionable ladies by whom I’ve been inspired. This time I went with a faded “nude” coloured tank top, and dark, low-cut, leopard print Burgundy pants. I threw in some jewellery – a silver necklace with a heart on it that reminds me of a Tiffany’s heart necklace which was EVERYTHING in the 2000s. Medium sized gold hoop earrings, gold bangles and a seashell bracelet to add that H2O/Zoey 101 touch, and to this mix of metals I added some gold and silver rings which I made myself in jewellery class. 

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That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this time travelling styling session we did with this shawl.
I hope you got some inspiration and some tools for thinking outside the box with your own wardrobe.
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