April Favorites 2017

The month of April was definitely not an easy one, for me it was about overcoming difficulties and growing up. On the one hand I celebrated my 21st birthday this month, but on the other hand I experienced a great loss of a dear and very important woman, friend and a mentor. Right now I’m trying to overcome grief deal with life in a creative way, and in general if there is one message that this month presents is that life is short, I should take advantage of it and do what’s best for me, stand up for myself, come to terms with the past, don’t be afraid, and ask for help when needed.

April Favorites 2017 sapir ashkenazi מה אהבתי בחודש אפריל ספיר אשכנזי סאפסטייל Sapstyle Monthly Favorites

Fashion In the field of fashion – I especially liked my black heels from Bianca. Super comfortable shoes that I have had in my closet for several years, they have a high platform that both makes the shoe comfortable and easy to walk and gives an extremely edgy and brave look.

Driver’s license – This month I finally got my driver’s license, and even though driving is still not my favorite activity, I am excited about the independence it presents.

Music – In the field of music I especially liked the song Green Light by the singer Lorde, a rhythmic song with a beautifully colorful music video. The song  gives  me a boost of confidence and joy going to university in the morning which I believe everyone needs especially before the day officially begins.

TV series This month I watched the Netflix series “Girl Boss”. The series is based on the life story of Sofia Amaruso, the founder of the fashion company “Nasty Gal”. This is the first time in a long time that I liked a series and didn’t connect with the main character at all, on the contrary it was challenging, irritating and not because it was a villain character but a young and rebellious girl.

Tati – As part of the birthday celebrations, we went out for a family meal at the Tati restaurant, a charming bistro with special dishes. There I ordered the dish “Beet Gnocchi” – goat cheese gnocchi, in a cream and beetroot sauce with blue cheese which lately I’ve been loving.

During the month and especially after my birthday I tried to be busy, I cried a lot, I used friends and various activities to cope with the pain, so it turned out that during the month of April I went bowling with my family and then  with friends, I  ice skated with a friend, painted in the park, saw the new Beauty and the Beast, went out to a bar with friends and ran as much as possible.

Now I want to hear from you, what did you do in April?
Did you get to try some of the things I liked this month?
And what are the things you liked and enjoyed during the month?
I would love to hear from you about everything!