You Choose I Wear

In this section I’ll ask a different person to choose clothes out of my wardrobe and style them into an outfit that they think is pretty, unique, and representative of them. For this first instance I’ve chosen my little sister and best friend, Gal. Gal is two years younger than me and currently serving in the IDF, a box that doesn’t allow much freedom of expression or individualism. I asked her to describe her style and tell us all about herself and her sources of inspiration.

How do we know each other?
Funny story, it was right around Purim, I went to a costume shop and both of us reached for the same fake moustache at the same time, it was very romantic. Nah. We’re sisters – “My casa su casa.”

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I’m 19, a proud “geek”, I love anime, manga, DC and SAGA comics, and reading. I have a burning passion for art – writing, drawing, cooking. I’m a tutor at an army boarding school and I’m a feminist.

How would you define your style?
Well…I usually wear comic book or Miazaki movie inspired t-shirts and tight jeans. I also wear dresses, when I can’t be bothered to fit a shirt to pants or when I want to look BOSS.

Tell me a little about your inspirations:
Okay…I have a problem with things that are really girly, I feel really uncomfortable with them. I feel best in jeans and a t-shirt, especially ones related to media I like. I feel like it gives clothes meaning to me, makes them more sentimental. The only people I can think of who do that are characters on The Big Bang Theory, and I have my issues with that show so it’s not exactly a source of inspiration.
What is an article of clothing that can always be found in your closet? 
Some kind of tight fitting pants and something black, black is love.

You Choose I Wear gal גל ספיר אשכנזי סאפסטייל SapStyle Sapir ashkenazi fashion אופנה אתם בוחרים מה אני לובשת
You Choose I Wear gal גל ספיר אשכנזי סאפסטייל SapStyle Sapir ashkenazi fashion אופנה אתם בוחרים מה אני לובשת
You Choose I Wear gal גל ספיר אשכנזי סאפסטייל SapStyle Sapir ashkenazi fashion אופנה אתם בוחרים מה אני לובשת

Why did you pick this outfit, describe it:
I chose clothes that represent, in various ways, a strong woman. My thinking was that it needed to be both feminine and powerful. The first thing I chose for Sapir was the Wonder Woman shirt – a strong, muscular, smart woman character, and the only woman of DC’s “big three” (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman), she’s their equal in power and in body. The shirt is gray and black – very sexy colours, it’s very important to me to combine sexiness and power, to express a connection between femininity, sexiness and power. For pants I chose a pair of jeans which were once work pants, fitting in with the theme of power and independence. The jeans I chose are high-waisted and short – two elements that emphasise the female form. I went with shiny gray socks, continuing the gray shirt and theme of femininity. The shoes I picked are black boots with high heels – shoes which balance power and femininity. I chose a red bandana as an accessory with hair done up high as a reference to the famous poster of a woman with the writing, “we can do it”. Finally red nails and lipstick, a strong, sexy, female, unapologetic colour. 

Who would you like to choose my next outfit?
I’m very interested to see what one of your exes would choose for you to wear.
Now I want to hear from you, who would you like to design an outfit out of my wardrobe, what did you think about Gal’s outfit, and if you could ask any fictional character to design an outfit for you who would you go with?
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Happy to hear from you about anything!